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Blue Steel: Custom Keyboard Project

Blue Steel Logo Vector
Vector art by Tobuei
from the anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Alright so in the coming weeks, I should recieve all the parts I need (less the keycaps) to get started on building my keyboard. It will be a 75% keyboard similar in layout to a Duck Octagon, no LEDs, and made of stainless steel. Handwired, because I was so fickle minded with the layout that I bought the teensy instead.

Keyboard layout

I would probably be waiting for the Penumbra Round 2 keycaps from [CTRL]ALT to go with the keyboard as well.

Bill of Materials

Item Quantity Status
Brown Gaterons 100
Teensy 2.0 1
Diodes 100
Nuts and Bolts enough
Wires enough
Keyboard feet 1 pair Shipped
Cherry Plate Stabs 4 + 1 Shipped
Sandwich Plates 1 set Production
Something Special ??? It's a se-cr-et!
Penumbra R2 Keycaps 1 soon™
Cherry Plate Stabs 6 + 1 Ordered these initially but it got lost D:
MX Locks 2 MX Locks never, going ahead without them

Hello World 2.0

My second attempt at mantaining a blog. Hopefully this time I actually post stuff in it!